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Legal form

Our firm is a partnership called Wytwórnia Sprężyn Grześkowiak (Spring Making Company Grześkowiak)
The owners are:

Mieczysław Grześkowiak
Eugenia Grześkowiak
Mariusz Grześkowiak
Monika Grześkowiak


Our company was founded in 1981 and since the beginning of its existence it has produced springs. At first it was a one man firm founded by Mieczysław Grześkowiak. He was dealing with springs earlier working in one of the biggest factories in Ostrów. Springs were also the subject of his master's thesis.

During the following years the company expanded its activity and employed gradually more and more workers. At present we employ almost 50 people.

After few years of activity Mieczysław Grześkowiak's wife Eugenia Grześkowiak joined the company. Later his son Mariusz Grześkowiak and Monika Grześkowiak - wife of Mariusz joined the company too. Recently also his daughter Iwona Wendt, who is responsible for quality system, joined in. So our company is a family business.

Range of activity

The company produces all kinds of springs made of patented steel wire of diameters ranging between 0.2 and 16.0 mm and of stainless spring wire. We also make springs made of spring strip and other materials depending on our customers' wishes. Within the scope of our production there are also disc springs.

We use materials offered by Polish producers as well as from abroad: Sweden, Spain, Germany and others.

We advise on the selection of appropriate springs to a certain application. Thanks to our special computer programmes designed to count the rate of the product we can successfully select a spring with the necessary parameters.


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